Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Support & Training

I offer narcissistic abuse recovery training for people ready to begin coming out of the fog and into their light. You can be anywhere in the world to participate.

Have you experienced narcissistic abuse?

Have you ever felt like you’re walking on eggshells? That you can never do anything quite right; your emotions aren’t right, your thoughts aren’t right, your wants aren’t right and the fault and blame is always heaved on your shoulders?

Narcissistic abuse is a specific pattern of abuse that can undermine the way you see and experience yourself, the world and your relationships.

Change is within reach

There is safety and strength in numbers

There is hope and healing

Narcissistic Abuse & Bullying Recovery Counseling

Narcissistic Abuse and Bullying Recovery Training

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Peer supported training to recover and thrive. Join us online from anywhere!

In the training we’ll explore why and how your life has evolved as it has. We will examine narcissistic abuse patterns in relationship and its influence on your beliefs and sense of self. We’ll talk about your untapped strengths to help you find stability and authentic empowerment. In a safe and compassionate setting, you and the other participants have an opportunity to be seen, validated and to no longer feel alone. From this vantage point you can step freely into security and resilience.

Pam Raphael, LMHC

I was called to this work through my own lived experience so I have a deep understanding of what you are going through and how to recover.

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