Recovery from bullying and abuse starts now

A Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Peer Support Group

Adult Children and Narcissistic Abuse
A Peer Support Group for Parents and Step Parents

New group starts March 7th 3:00PM PST, 6:00pm EST

Who this group is for

For parents of abusive adults and/or their partners

This is a safe and supportive peer support group for anyone who is struggling with oppressive or emotionally abusive adult children. If you are seeking support & recovery to stop the pattern this may be right for you.

You are not alone and part of recovery is learning others understand that your experiences are real. You are not “crazy” although you may feel like there is no ground under your feet. We will explore specific topics such as Narcissism, Co-Dependence, how to create healthy boundaries, healthy relationship behaviors, gaslighting, emotional over-functioning, guilt and the double bind of staying in a relationship with a family member who is emotionally harmful. 

We’ll explore your unique and shared experiences discovering language and tools for recovery to navigate beyond your painful experiences and feel in control of your life again.

This is a peer support group for you to join with others, safely share your experiences and move forward in strength.

Topics we will cover

  • How to recognize toxic and oppressive relationships
  • Creating and maintaining healthy boundaries
  • Acknowledging and holding grief
  • Owning your reality and staying in integrity with your values and beliefs
  • Reclaiming your power in relationship safely
  • Finding your authentic self as a parent
  • Learning to listen to your body as a resource

Meeting Details

Virtual Group Meets – Every other Thursday
March 7th 3:00pm PST, 6:00pm EST

$320 for 8 sessions ($40 per session)
Minimum of 5, maximum of 10 participants

Eight Sessions

  • Session 1 – March 7
  • Session 2  – March 21
  • Session 3  – April 4
  • Session 4  – April 18
  • Session 5  – May 2
  • Session 6  – May 16
  • Session 7  – May 30
  • Session 8 – June 13

Contact me to reserve your spot and schedule your ZOOM screen

Pam Raphael
pam@helpwithinreach. com
Phone: 425-292-8148


From Surviving To Thriving Narcissistic Abuse Group

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