Who This Is For

A support group for survivors of bullying and emotional abuse.

This is a safe and supportive group for men and women who have struggled with repeated relationships with Narcissists and are seeking support & recovery to stop the pattern. You are not alone and part of recovery is learning others understand that your experiences are real. You are not “crazy” although you may feel like there is no ground under your feet. We will explore specific topics such as Narcissism, Co-Dependence, Boundaries, Healthy Relationship Behaviors and more. We’ll explore your unique and shared experiences discovering language and tools for recovery to navigate beyond your painful experiences and thrive again.

Topics we will cover

  • How your nervous system is wired to repeat the pattern
  • The language of narcissistic abuse
  • Attachment and the confusion of attraction
  • Stepping more into power and authority in your life

Meeting Details

Virtual Group Meets every other Thursday – Pending

6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

6 Sessions:

  • Check back for a new session starting this summer

Contact me to reserve your spot and schedule your phone screen:

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